Wild Wadi Water Theme Park Dubai

Located in the midst of Jumeirah's beach hotels and Burj Al Arab

Wild Wadi Water Theme Park is one of the world-famous water theme parks in the Dubai, UAE. It is located at the central city’s iconic Burj Al Arab (Seven Star Luxury Hotel.) Situated on the Jumeirah Beach Road (JBR), Wild Wadi is just about a 30-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. Open parking is available for tourists concerning the ease of parking facilities. Closing times differ throughout the year, so check the Wild Wadi park’s website ahead of your visit. Wild wadi symbolizes the tale of typical Arabian character Juha (comic literary figure) and offers a range of energetic rides, slides, and activities for all ages. For something with an extra tempo and excitement, there are several speed slides to excite you from your lounge chair.Wild Wadi was the first water park in the world to link climbing roller coaster rides with downhill rides in a 2.4 km extended multi-route circuit, allowing visitors to keep on in the water between rides without queuing.It is awarded for its dazzling design and theme from the World Water Park Association’s Industry Innovation.

Water Rides

Twin slides sit one next to the other, so two riders can pursue one another. There are so many rides for younger kids. Sit on a helium balloon tube for a peaceful sail along Juha’s Journey, a 360-meter slothful river. Venture into Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon they are family play area with more than a hundred activities counting slides, clearance buckets, and water guns. Also, wait for Wadi Washed; this is a choreographed sound, light, and water show near the park’s entrance. More than 53,571 tonnes of water are sent rolling down a cliff face as lightning flashes and thunder cracks throughout the seven-minute display.

The Exciting Ride

The park’s most exciting ride is Jumeirah Sceirah, which is standing at 32 meters tall. Climb to the top of the tower, step inside the chamber and wait as the automatic countdown begins. At “zero,” a secret entrance opens, move riders hurrying down about 120 meters of the water slide at up to 80 kilometers every hour.

Wild Wadi Ticket Price : (Most of the tickets based upon the height) Wild Wadi Water Theme Park Contact Number :  +971 4 348 0000

Main gate

  • Main gate General admission 1.1 meter and above AED 209
  • Main gate General admission below 1.1 meter AED 159


  • Online General admission 1.1 meter and above AED 199
  • Online General admission below 1.1 meter AED 149

Complimentary admittance for kids of age two years or below, upon presentation of ID credentials.

  • Fee Structure may vary for UAE Residents