What are the early signs of having a baby boy or girl during pregnancy

A Detailed Analysis of Myth and Facts

During pregnancy, one of the most important topics of discussion is about having a baby, boy or girl. The period of 9 months is too long to meet someone special.

What Are the early Signs, if you’re having a Boy?

Morning sickness

The myth: If you have no or mild morning sickness symptoms, then you are having a baby boy.

The fact: As per the new investigation, ladies who were determined to have serious HG were more likely to have baby girls than baby boys. The truth is that morning sickness can differ from woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. So don’t use this as an ultimate sign you’re having a boy.

Image of a Pregnant Mother having Morning Sickness

Belly shape

The myth: It says that if you are carrying low, then you are likely to have a baby boy.

The fact: How you carry in pregnancy has more to do with the figure of your uterus, your exclusive body type, and your abdominal muscles. Belly shape is not a sign of a baby’s sex.

Image of a Pregnant Mother Belly Shapes

Food cravings

The myth: If she’s craving salt or bitter food, like pickles and potato chips, then it’s a moment to greet a boy. With girls, it’s all about the sugary and chocolate.

The Fact: Those hunger most likely have more to do with your varying nutritional needs. Food cravings do not specify the sex of the baby.

Image of a Pregnant Mother Food Carvings

A big appetite

The myth: If you feel hungry all the time, it’s a symbol of having a boy. If your weight increases only to the bump, then it is likely to have a baby boy.

The fact: Buy your appetite will not decide anything about the gender of the baby.

Heart rate

The myth: One of the most global myths about gender turns around your baby’s heart rate. If the beats per minute are less than 140, then you are having a baby boy. More than 140, it’s a girl.

The Fact: But, there is no hard truth behind it. The exact heart rate differs from baby to baby.

Image of Heart Rate ECG Signs

Skin condition

The myth: Some people think that a girl baby will take the mother’s beauty. On the other hand, boys won’t provide you as much acne. Also, With a boy, your hair will be lengthy and have more shines. With a girl, it will be shuffle and dry.

The Fact: There’s no reality both ways. Hormones are just extreme in pregnancy and influence all women in a different way. Washing your face regularly can help with breakouts.

Image of a Preganant Mother Seeing her Face in Mirror

Finally, there is no enough proof about the sign and symptoms will decide the gender of the baby. They will be 50-50 chances of getting true. If you want to know about the gender, you must wait till the delivery.