Switzerland Banning Electric Cars ?


The falsy HEADLINE circulating all over the Internet recently, Switzerland is planning to Ban Electric Vehicles due to the Energy crisis, is Not TRUE.

Due to War crisis, there has been a global demand for energy supply worldwide. Oil and gas supply might get affected due to the war disruptions in Europe Pipelines to supply energy to various countries.

Switzerland is also affected by the  war crisis . Due to enormous energy usage, this winter session might need more energy supplies.

Due to energy supply disruption issues, it is planning to save adequate energy in the electricity sector by saving power by limiting unwanted journeys in cars.

But the Press Statement from the Switzerland Official said that Switzerland's energy supply is currently adequate.

The various departments in the Switzerland government are working intensively together to create self-reliant energy supplies by creating additional reserves regionally and reducing the dependency on Oil from importing from foreign countries.

In addition, Switzerland has recently passed an ordinance to create an Act on Electric Supplies from renewable energy sources. As a result, Swissgrid has awarded the tender to produce the supply of 400GWh.

This Hydropower storage will use this enormous supply of energy source to tackle an adequate amount of energy supplies to the country without any disruptions in the future.

Also, Swizz Federal Government introduced Voluntary Savings from October 2022 to March 2023 to handle the energy shortage issues in the upcoming winter.

Switzerland completely depends on foreign nations for gas supplies, and the current situation will further worsen the energy supplies through disruptions in the pipeline.