Netflix Set To Wrap Up 'Cobra Kai' With Season 6

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Streaming service Netflix has revealed that the famous series "Cobra Kai" will conclude with its upcoming sixth season.

Netflix on Friday announced the message in the video, The Cobra Kai Final Chapter is going to be the WILD of all the seasons.

The beginning of Popular series "COBRA KAI" was first streamed on Youtube for a couple of seasons. Then, after the fans' huge following, it started streaming on Netflix.

The Cobra Kai series is connected to the favorite movie, THE KARATE KID. Most of the movie's plot is around the areas of southern California. 

Cobra Kai features the original star Ralph Macchio and William Zabka from the Karate Kid Movie.

The end of the series is the decision taken by the creators of the COBRA KAI, according to their Twitter handle. 

The creators also tweeted that the opportunity to create the scenes from the original storylines was never taken for granted.

At the end of their tweet, they assured to tell us more KARATE KID stories and COBRA KAI never dies. 

Cobra Kai was written and executive produced by Heald, Hurwitz, and Schlossberg.