is the official website for the "Donald Trump Digital Trading Card" collection, featuring 45,000 fantasy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted on Polygon. 

The collection features images of the President in style similar to collectible cards and only costs $99 each, and Trump suggested they would make a great Christmas gift.

The cards can be purchased through the website and include a chance to win prizes.

For every Digital Card you buy, the buyer will enter into the TRUMP SWEEPSTAKES. Winners of the Sweepstakes have a chance to have a Miami Dinner with Former President Trump, Meet him in the luxury resort in Palm Beach, One on One meeting with Trump, have a Cocktail hour, Play golf, Zoom call, and more.

Purchasing 45 Digital Trading Trump Cards guaranteed the GALA DINNER with the Former President in South Florida. 

You can purchase the Digital Trading Trump card through Crypto and Credit cards. If you don't have a Crypto wallet, you can set up a new one within a few mins with

Each of the Digital Trading Trump cards is at most 20 copies worldwide. Some have one copy, rest of the other cards have 2,5,7, or 10 copies.

After Purchasing the Digital Trading Trump Card, each user receives the Entry code for participating in the SWEEPSTAKES. To check the winner, enter with your sweepstake entry code.