Wahiba sands Desert Camp – Memorable Stay in the Middle of desert

Best time to visit Wahiba Sands is in Winter season from From October to starting of April.

Wahiba sands also known as “Sharqiya Sands” is a great place in Oman to get an Arabian experience. Wahiba was confirmed to be a “model desert” for technical purposes and representative of the other deserts of the world in 1986. It is less accessible and more difficult to investigate. Every form of a dune will be seen in Ramlat al-Wahiba. Researchers found some spots in the middle of Wahiba which is free of sand, and some trees and interesting flora and fauna.

Picture of Wahiba Sands , Oman

The northern aspect of the Wahibah is vanquished by powerful, equal layered, reddy rises that can be up to 200 m in stature, which at that point offer approach to white; sickle-shaped rises in the southern part. Underneath the floating sands that can be seen today is a goliath ocean of fossilized rises which is a few meters thick in a certain region of the desert and on the coast at Ras ar-Ruways, where this strangely framed layer is revealed. 

Picture of a Tourists Seeing the View of Desert Camp at Wahiba Sands, Oman

Some of the activities :

Sunrise viewing, camel ride, desert trekking, 4WD jeep ride, Wahiba camping, and Wild camping. Self-driving is very dangerous in these dunes, hence taking a well-experienced local driver for riding in dunes is a perfect choice. 


What is the Best time to visit Wahiba Sands ?

Summer: From mid April to September it is extremely hot in this region.
Winter: From October to starting of April climate is perfect and enjoyable.