Wadi Dayqah,Oman – One of the Largest Dam in Arabian Peninsular

During the Eid al Fitr ("Festival of Breaking the Fast") holidays, Wadi Dayqah Dam receives a great number of visitors

Wadi Dayqah has situated nearer to Muscat Governorate about 90 km from Wadi Aday. It is easy to reach tourist destinations in Oman. The principal reason for this Dam is to distribute water for the urban communities of Muscat and Quriyat (a small coastal town near Muscat), this plan handed over to VINCI Construction Grands Projects (which provides civil engineering services) by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, which required the development of dams on the Wadi Dayqah around 80 km from the capital city of Oman. 

Picture of one of the Largest dam in Arabian Peninsular

The plan includes the construction of an RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete) main dam, 75m high, and 435m long with an ancillary, earth-fill dam (Embankment Dam) 960,000 cu m in volume, 48 m tall, and 360 m length. It is the coexistent of both natural and man-made work at Wadi Dayqah Dam, which offers much of the region’s drinking water. The dam construction ended in 2012 gathers a vast range of mountain rainfall, restricts the flow of water to the isolated villages below. Go for a picnic and sit in the green land by the 8 km (5mi.) reservoir, which boasts a capacity of 100 million cu m (3.5 billion cu ft) of clean rainwater. Get to the greatest height 75 m of the dam to get the picturesque view of encompassing amber limestone (carbonate sedimentary rock) mountains and valleys.

Picture of Wadi Dayquah Dam Scenic View in Sultanate of Oman

During the Eid al Fitr (“Festival of Breaking the Fast”) holidays, Wadi Dayqah Dam receives a great number of visitors.¬†Entry was permitted until midnight while holidays. The dam is viewed as the biggest reservoir in the sultanate and incorporates tourism facilities to get guests. The dam has become a famous picnic spot ever since it opened.


What are the other tourists attractions near Wadi Dayqah Dam ?

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where is wadi dayqah dam situated ?

It is situated near to Muscat and 90 km from Wadi Aday

wadi dayqah is man-made or natural dam ?

It is both man-made work and natural.

what is the water saving capacity of wadi dayqah dam ?

100 million cu m (3.5 billion cu ft)