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Stunning Natural Scenic Beauty of Valparai

Valparai Hill station is situated over 3500 ft over the ocean level on the Western Ghats’ Anamalai mountain scope, and it is also one of the best tourist spots in Tamilnadu. At a stretch of 64 kilometers from Pollachi (taluk headquarters in Coimbatore) and 102 kilometers from Coimbatore. Valparai Hill station is an environment-friendly area enclosed with tea estates. It stands wonderfully with Green Spread Mountains and pleasant woods for what it’s worth. The atmosphere of the Valparai is generally suited for the growth of tea and coffee plantations, cardamom, and cinchona trees, which gives a treat for the eyes. Valparai is famous for its beautiful nature, including rivers, dams, waterfalls, and mountain beauty.

Let’s see the Top 10 Popular Tourist Places to visit in Valpari

Aaliyar Dam

This dam makes an ideal spot to sit around and enjoy while the thundery noise of the waters thunders down below; an aquarium and small amusement park adjacent to the dam also make this place a traveler’s favorite tourist destination.

Image of favorite tourist destination Aaliyar Dam

Sholayar Dam

Recorded to be the second most profound dam in Asia, Sholayar Dam is a primary hydroelectric power generation. Yet, the view offered from the infinite tea and coffee estate close to it is excellent, and travelers love it.

Second most profound dam in Asia

Monkey Falls

Situated on the way to Aaliyar Dam and occupied by lots of monkeys that bring its name, these falls offer a brilliant open place for those hoping to proceed inside the water, drown, and have some good times.

Image of Close up ater showers in Monkey Falls Valparai

Chinna Kallar Falls

Chinna Kallar Falls is an astounding fall situated at Chinna Kallar town close to Valparai, TN. It is the most recognized falls in Coimbatore and the most visited traveler spot in Valparai. A hanging bridge has been built over the cascade, which offers mesmerizing views on the thundering falls amid lavish greenery.

Chinna Kallar Falls Close up Image

Loam’s View Point

Loam’s viewpoint is situated at a distance of 7 kilometers from Monkey Falls, 12 kilometers from Aliyar Dam, 31 kilometers from Valparai, and 35 kilometers from Pollachi. The Loam’s Viewpoint is arranged at the ninth hairpin bend of Pollachi.  One can reach and accomplish peace by seeing eagle’s takeoff over the green estates somewhere far off.

Grass Hills

A region inside the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, Grass Hills are a simple 15km drive away from the town. Here, seeing the beautiful sunset over the slopes is a remarkable experience. This calm area enclosed by high green grasses on mountain slants is an excellent spot to watch and investigate.

Image of Sloppy Grass Hills

Balaji Temple

Situated at a stretch of 10 kilometers from Bus stopping of Valparai, Balaji Temple is one of the distinguished temples in Valparai. Located inside Karumalai Tea Estate, it is one of the lovely and must-visit spots in Valparai. As supervised by Peria Karumalai Tea Industries, the temple is surrounded by tea estate and reclining slope ranges, gives travelers a feeling of cold and peaceful climate.

Image of Side View of Balaji Temple

Karumalai Falls

Karumalai Falls is a remote tourist destination close to Valparai. The falls are placed in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve’s lavish backwoods and encompassed by an exquisite tea plantation. The whole area looks green, and the sight is delightful for the eyes.

Image of Karumalai Falls

Malakkapara View Point

Malakkappara is one of the excellent hill stations surrounded by Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Anamalai Tiger Reserve, and Nelliyampathy slopes. The course to Malakkapara through the Sholayar forest is captivating. The excursion to Malakappara is extraordinary as the fog secured streets, tea plants with water drop, breezy wind, and enchanted.

Image of Malakkapara View Point

Nirar Dam

Located at a distance of 9 kilometers from Bus stopping of Valparai, Nirar Dam is a small, human-made dam in the slope town of Valparai. It is one of the fascinating spots to see in Valparai. One can also go for a visit to Chinna Kallar Waterfalls, which is situated nearby.

Best Time to Visit Valparai

Even though Valparai holds a cold, lovely climate consistently, vacationers prefer visiting it in the winter a very long time of December and January.