Tsunami Monument Maldives – A Quick Travel Guide

Interesting Facts

Tsunami Monument is built on the Boduthakurufaanu Magu (acclaimed area in the Maldives) on the southeast part of Male city, Maldives. The Tsunami Monument is a remembrance of the people who lost their lives in the 2004 Tsunami, which started from Aceh, Indonesia (It’s known for seashores). The ocean encompassing of this landmark is one of the best spots for surfing inside Male. The commemoration plan represents various parts of the 2004 Tsunami (arrangement of waves in a water body) in the Maldives. Numerous people lost their livelihood and their near and dears. A visit to the landmark is a passionate token of the disaster that unfolded that day. The region is also a respected spot for a casual walk or calm contemplation.

Picture of Tsunami Monument in Maldives

How to reach

Reach the Villingil Ferry terminal and head to the Thin Ruh Park (Park in the Maldives) in Malé. You can discover the Tsunami Monument in Maldives. You can take ships from your hotel island and get to Malé, where you can find the landmark. Ships are the least expensive approaches to get to an island in the Maldives.