Maldives is a small archipelagic island situated in the Southern side of Indian Ocean. Floating on tranquil sea waters, this island country makes for the ideal getaway for leisure searchers from the turmoil and uneasiness of city life. The Maldives tourism is known prominently across the globe for its perfect white sandy seashores, blossoming reef fishes, glowing lagoons, palm-bordered islands, underwater hotels, luxurious water villas and diving destinations.The true beauty of this archipelago can be characterized by its purplish-blue waves collision against the shore with a mesmerizing noise and an alluring school of manta rays, reef sharks, and corals gracing its submerged world. Tourism is the backbone of the country's revenue, as it assumes a significant part in earning foreign exchange. The Maldives registered a total number of 1.7 million foreign visitors in 2019.

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