Top 15 Delicious Goa Foods List You Must Try in 2021

Most authentic and flavorful Goa foods with names and images

Let’s gaze the delicious Goa foods with their images and ingredients.

1. Crab Xec Xec

Crab Xec Xec is an aromatic and delicious Goa foods recipe. Crabs cooked in a rich blend of spices, coconut paste, and tamarind water. Roasted-grinded spices of coconuts, chilies, cloves, peppercorns, cumin, coriander seeds, ginger, and garlic give flavors to this dish. Crab Xec Xec, a Goa food is usually is served with boiled rice.

cooking of crab
Picture of Crab Xec Xec – Traditional Goa Food

2. Veg Frankies

Veg Frankie is a vegetable stuffed chapati roll, which is a very famous Goa food. It is also known as Frankie roll or Kati roll. Spiced vegetables such as mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, and chopped onions wrapped in a chapati. Green chutney and tomato sauces add extra flavors to this Goa food.

Veg refreshments
Picture of Veg Frankie – Goa Food

3. Beef Chilly Fry

Beef chilly fry is a spicy and authentic Goa foods recipe. Beef chilly fry is prepared using roasted meat, onions, tomatoes, green chilies, tamarind water, spice powders, and coriander leaves. This delicious Goa food is perfect for serving with Goan Pao.

cooked beef fry
Picture of Beef Chili Fry – Delicious Goa Food

4. Chicken Lollipop

Chicken Lollipop a hot and spicy appetizer is a well popular Goa foods. Chicken Lollipop is a well-liked Indo-Chinese cuisine. Spicy chicken lollipop made up of chicken wings coated with ginger garlic paste, pepper, soya sauce, turmeric powder, and chili powder. Chicken is then marinated for few hours and then deep-fried in oil. This mouth-watering Goa food is consumed with spicy dipping sauce.

cripsy food stuff
Picture of Chicken Lollipop – Goa Food

5. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji, a fast food dish that originated in the state of Maharashtra, is also popular in Goa. It contains a soft butter toasted bun served with vegetable curry. This delicious vegetable curry prepared using mashed potatoes, onions, chilies, tomatoes, peas, carrots, and spices. Pav Bun and curry cooked using butter make this Goa food yummy!!

Picture of Pav Bhaji – Goa Food

6. Baath Cake

Baath Cake is a moist and delicious Goan sweet dish. It is made of semolina, coconut, and flavored with some aromatic spices. Baath Cake is a traditional Goan Christmas cake, also called by Batk or Batica.

baked bread
Picture of Baath Cake – Goa Food

7. Dodol

Dodol, one of the most famous Goan sweets, that is thick and sticky. Delicious sweet prepared using simple ingredients coconut milk, jaggery, rice flour, almonds, and cashews. Dodol is generally a sweet toffee that originated in Indonesia. It is generally, prepared as special sweet during Christmas occasion.

Picture of Dodol – Goa Food

8. Prawn Curry

Prawn Curry is simple, spicy, and flavorful Goa food also known as Ambot Tik. Creamy Prawn Curry made using coconut milk, roasted spices, turmeric, and vinegar. Prawns cooked in coconut milk and tamarind gives a unique flavor to this Goa food dish. Spicy and tangy prawn curry goes well with steamed rice.

Picture of Goa Food Name – Prawn Curry

9. Beef Croquettes

Beef croquettes are a popular Goa food or appetizer, which is cylindrical shaped. It’s made of minced meat, marinated with spices and vinegar. Spiced meat coated with semolina or breadcrumbs are then deep-fried. Eat with ketchup or other dipping sauces. Beef croquettes, a traditional Goa food, commonly served as a starter in weddings and other special occasions.

Picture of Beef Croquettes – Goa Food

10. Goan Sausage

Goan Sausage, a hot and spicy boneless pork meat is a popular Goa food. Generally, Goan Sausage is a reflection of Indo-Portuguese cuisine from Goa, Daman, and Diu. It is prepared with pork, vinegar, hot chili peppers, ginger, garlic, and spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and cumin makes it too spicy. It is either cooked as curry or fries or served with steamed rice. Goan Sausage, an authentic Goa food cooked with baked potatoes is normally eaten with bread.

Picture of Goa Food Name – Goan Sausage

11. Goan Pork Vindaloo

Goan Pork Vindaloo, a hot-sour-spicy pork curry is a well famous Goa food. The word “Vindaloo” is derived from the Portuguese dish “Carne de Vinha d’ Alhos”, in which the pork meat cooked with wine and garlic. Goan Pork Vindaloo prepared using sliced pork meat, chilies, garlic, vinegar, tamarind paste, and black peppercorns. The bright red color of the dish comes from the Kashmiri chilies added. This spicy Goa food is served with steamed rice or bread.

Picture of Goan Pork Vindaloo – Delicious Goa Food

12. Ros Omelette

Ros Omelette is one of the most famous Goa foods. Ros means “gravy” in the Goan Konkani language. A freshly prepared omelette gets topped with gravy. Ros Omelette served hot with Goan bread, chopped onions, and lemon. Spicy gravy prepared from chicken or mutton meat, coconut milk, onions, and spices.

Picture of Ros Omelette – Goa Food

13. Chicken Cafreal

Chicken Cafreal is originally a Goan Portuguese cuisine. Chicken Cafreal is a very popular Goan-style chicken recipe. Here, chicken cooked in thick green colored spicy gravy made of coriander leaves, lime juice, vinegar, chilies, ginger, garlic, and spices. This tangy Goa food is served as a starter in Goan restaurants, and it is a great side dish for Goan bread called poi.

Picture of Chicken Cafreal – Delicious Goa Food

14. Fish Thali

Fish Thali is the most famous Goa food which is found everywhere. This delicious and aromatic plate of Goa food is more famous among tourists. The thali consists of rice, vegetable, Rotis, fish curries, fried fish, and pickles. Fish Thali remain as simple and delicious food for lunch.

baked fish
Picture of Goa Food Name – Fish Thali

15. Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma is a grilled chicken meat stuffed in flatbread along with veggies. Chicken Shawarma is an Arab dish that is more popular in many parts of the world. Widely found in the Goan street food stalls. Chicken is marinated using flavorful spices and slowly cooked. Chicken Shawarma one of the famous Goa food, that can be enjoyed with garlic yogurt sauce and tahini sauce.

Picture of Chicken Shawarma – Goa Food