Things to do in Musandam, Oman Tour

It is nicknamed as “The Norway of the East"

Situated at the edge of the Arabian Peninsula the Musandam Governorate separates the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman. Musandam remains distinctive because it was separated from mainland Oman by the UAE. It is the busiest waterway in the world. It is nicknamed “The Norway of the East”, due to the coast that is covered with rugged mountains, forming fjords resembling the ones created by glaciers in colder regions. Most of the shoreline regions can be reached only through the boat and this region remains as a home for isolated communities for centuries. Almost 29,000 of the populace is gathered in the capital Khasab in the north and the little port town of Dibba on the east coast brings lots of tourists around to the year to musandam tour. 

Picture of Musandam,Oman

For more than a thousand years, the valley of Kumzar in the far north has now loaded up with water. Through Khor Ash-Shams, Kumzar is still connected with land. An enormous amount of water underneath the gigantic limestone rocks serves as a home for marine life. Due to its beautiful landscape, it is frequently called “the Norway of Oman” or “Norway of Arabia”. You can also take a cruise drive from Dibba al Hisn (pene-exclave) to Khasab which takes two and half hour drive and works two times every week, or to the little port of Lima on the east coast. 

Picture of Beautiful view of Dibba, Musandam,OMAN


what are the popular activites in musandam ?

Paraglide over Zighy Bay
Diving and Snorkeling at the beaches
Hiking and Camping on Jebel Harim
Dolphin Watching
Exploring Khasab Castle