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Tanzania Country Profile Facts

Capital |Dodoma| Total Land Area - 945,087 kmĀ²

Tanganyika and Zanzibar fused to form the nation of Tanzania in 1964. One-party rule came to a conclusion in 1995 with the first self-ruled elections held in the country since the 1970s. Tanzania previously recognized as Tanganyika. In 1964, it united with the Island of Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanzania.


The country occupies the region of 945,087 km², (364,900 sq mi) compared it is about three times the size of Italy and more than double the size of California. The Country has 59 million populations in 2019. According to the UN Data in 2019, the population density is 65.5 people per square kilometer. The life expectancy at birth of male was 58.8 years and female are 63.1 years. The sex ratio is 99.8 males per 100 females.

Ethnic Groups

Tanzania as multilingual and multi ethnic country is East Africa is rich in cultural diversity. It has more than 120 diverse ethnic groups. Ethnic groups from Bantu origins are majority in population.


Enjoyable, tropical climate but has significant local climatic variations influenced by several factors, counting altitude. The warmest and most humid part of the land is the coast.The rest of the center is much milder and cools down considerably at night. Tanzania has a distinct Dry and Wet season. Temperatures vary enormously with height and location, but it’s usually a beautiful, clear sky and sunny weather – it’s a great time to visit Tanzania.


Christianity61.5 %
Islam35.2 %
Folk or traditional religions1.8 %
Religiously Unaffiliated1.4 %
Hinduism0.1 %


Financial freedom score of the country is 61.7, making its economy the 89th in the 2020 Economic Freedom Index. Its overall score has risen by 1.5 points due to higher scores for belongings rights and fiscal health. GDP was $58.003 Billion in 2018. It takes 81st rank in the world GDP list. It has a GDP growth of 5.4%. GDP per Capita is $1,133.

Tanzania Country Code : TZ

Tanzania Dialing Code: +255

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Tanzania Country Profile

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