Sensoji Buddhist Temple Interesting Facts

1392 Years Old Ancient Temple

Sensoji is a Buddhist temple popularly known as Asakusa Kannon Temple, situated in Asakusa. Sensoji was built close to the goddess of Kannon. This temple was opened in 645 AD, the oldest temples in Tokyo,Japan.

Fascinating Short Story of Sensoji

The history of this sensoji buddisht temple is fascinating. Many years ago, there was two fishermen on the Miyato River. Now it is the Sumida River; they trapped a statue of Kannon, the merciful nirvana doer in their net. They tried many times to return the statue in the river. But it came back to them again and again. The pioneer of the locale called attention to its Kannon; so it was revered. Even though the Sensoji Temple established at 628 AD, the current structure is was rebuilt after the obliteration in World War 2.

Old Buddhist Temple - Sensoji
Front View of Sensoji

There are lots of festivals, and special events will take place throughout the year in sensoji buddhist temple. Additionally, the visitors can buy a small piece of paper named omikuji (fortune-telling paper strips), which have a word of luck written on it. The temple has plenty of shopping areas to enjoy as well. The way starts at the temple identified as Nakamise Dori; it is filled with shops selling various items such as osenbei, clothing, and undoubtedly typical tourist items like keychains and postcards.

Map of Sensoji
Location Map Sensoji (Picture Courtesy :

Opening Hours :  10:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M , Last Entrance : 5:30 P.M

  Note : Entry is Free for all Visitors