Quick Facts about Sikhism

  • Guru Nanak was the Founder of Sikhism and 1st among the ten Sikh gurus.
  • In Sikhism, God termed “Waheguru”  is nirankar (Shapeless) alak (timeless) and alak (sightless).
  • God must be seen from “inward eye” or the heart of human beings. It is through meditation that devotees may progress towards enlightment.
  • In sikhs beliefs, the influences of ego, anger, greed, attachment, lust are five evils believed to be specifically harmful.
  • Guru Nanak says the guru (teacher) is the voice of god and  the guide for knowledge and salvation.
  • He was against idolatry and spoke against superstitious beliefs.
  • He spoke of equality of human beings and didn’t recognize the distinction of caste or creed. He initiated the community kitchen of “Guru ka langar“.
Golden Temple
Golden Temple – Amristar,Punjab
  • He brought an end of guru system and organized sikhs into brotherhood of soldiers.
  • He instituted the ceremony of pahil or baptism, after that person would belong to khalsa and would be entitled  to use Singh after his name (Kaur for female).

Khalsa need to wear the five k’s in Sikhism .

  1. Kesh (lonhair)
  2. Kanga (comb)
  3. Kachcha (shorts)
  4. Kara (iron bangle)
  5. Kirpan (Short sword)

The source of scripture for the sikhs is Guru Granth Sahib & The Adigranth