Quick Facts about Christianity

  • Jesus Christ¬†was the founder of Christianity.
  • According to Christian’s faith, there is One God who created the Universe and Cares for it.
  • Jesus – Son of God, was sent into the world as his chosen servant, Messiah (messenger ) to help people fulfill their religious duties.
  • Old Testament – Includes the creation of the world by Holy Almighty and how humans turned down the promises of the God.
  • New Testament – discusses the preaching of Jesus Christ and his life by disciples of Jesus.
  • Both Old and New Testament are the Sacred Scripture (The Holy Bible) of Christianity

Theology :

  • God (Father, Son, Holy spirit ).
  • Baptism – Individual Entrance into Christianity.
  • Salvation
  • Trinity

Difference form of Christianity practices around the world  

  • Western :  Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal.
  • Eastern : Eastern Catholic oriental orthodox, Assyrian.
  • Nontrinitarian : Jehovah’s witness, LDS church, Oneness Pentecostal.

Eucharist : Holy Celebrations in which worshippers share bread (Body of Christ) and wine (Blood of Christ) as a sign of unity, with one another and with Jesus.