Qasr Marid Castle in Dumat Al-Jandal

Interesting Facts

Qasr Marid is a castle in the ancient city of Dumat Al-Jandal located  North-Western Saudi Arabia in the Al Jawf Province,  37 km away from Sakakah. Its historical value and unique architecture attract travelers and historians visiting Saudi Arabia. This castle built before 272 CE (2700 years ago). The walls of the castle were 80 cm-1m thick. This solid stone structure stands bravely on top of the mountain.

marid castle
Qasr Marid Castle in the city of Dumat Al-Jandal

Adumato formerly knew Dumat Al-Jandal. Zenobia tried to capture Adumato in the 3rd century, but she failed. Khalid Ibn Al-Walid Captured Dumat Al-Jandal in 633 CE. Talal Ibn Rashid from Hail smashed the marid castle with two cannons in 1853. Nawwaf Ibn Sha’lan besieged in 1909 fight for ten months to capture Adumato from Rashids.

Madrid Castle

The original building of the marid castle is a rectangular shape, but some additions like conical towers give a different look from its ancient structure. The lower base of the castle is made up of mud. Few excavations made by Khaleel Ibrahim al-Muaikel in 1976 exposed some Nabatean, and Roman pottery indicates a prosperous community lived in this area. This region provides an excellent experience for tourists with Palm Grove, green fields, olive trees, and grapevines.