National Museum of Maldives – Top Tourist Attraction

A Must Visit Museum in Maldives

National Museum of the Maldives is one of the top attractions in the Maldives for tourists. It is in the Sultan square, which was formerly a part of the 17th century Maldivian Royal Palace composite; The National Museum of Maldives is a 3-story Museum recognized in the early 1950s to preserve its cultural history of the country and loyalty among the people of the Maldives.

What’s inside the Museum

The National Museum displays the galleries of prehistoric and medieval era of Maldivian history. Weaponry, Holy objects and household products, and many extraordinarily imprinted (Maldivian language) Arabic- and Thaana-engraved pieces of wood honoring the adaptation of Maldives to Islam in 1153.

National Museum - Maldives- 23
National Museum Building and the Displays of various items- Maldives

On top, it includes some valued examples of the lacquer-work boxes for which the Maldives is admired, and various pieces of traditional technology together with the country’s earliest gramophone (Phonograph), telephone (telecommunications device), and a gigantic computer(electronic device).

Underwater Cabinet

Relics contain the record of the famous underwater cabinet assembly held under President Nasheed in 2009 and an imposing marine collection, highlight of which is the 6meter-long framework of the very odd Longman’s Beaked Whale(bottlenose whale), which is yet to have been sighted lively in the ocean.

The National Museum complex

The National Museum complex contains two immense structures separated by Sultan’s Park in the old royal residence grounds opposite the gold-domed Islamic Center. The National Museum also portraits other items, including former pre-Islamic period time relics, including stylized robes, headgear, seats, carts, illustrious coverings, and furniture utilized by Sultans. The historical center likewise shows the primary print machine utilized in the nation, the rifle used by Mohamed Thakurufaanu (1573 to 1585 AD) in his battle against the Portuguese in the sixteenth century.

National Museum Opening Hours

Sunday 10am–4pm
Monday 10am–4pm
Tuesday 10am–4pm
Wednesday 10am–4pm
Friday Closed
Saturday 10am–4pm