Mysuru Interesting Facts

Mysuru is a historical city acknowledged for its extravagant palaces, places and gardens, considered Karnataka’s cultural capital (the largest state in South India) in South India. Even though the city is now developed with many IT parks and modern development infrastructure in various fields, it remains for its old culture. The city is soaked with the stalls of wonderful sandalwood carvings, shops that sell beautiful silk sarees, and the leading shop queued with many people to get delicious ‘Mysore Pak’ (Indian sweet-originated in the city of Mysuru).

mysuru palace front view
Elegant Front view of Mysuru palace

Every attraction of Mysore unfolds a new story related to the city’s glorious past: Outstanding’ Mysore City Palace’ (historical palace and the royal residence) stunning with thousands of bulbs at night, take a leisure walk through the extensive ‘Brindavan Gardens’ (one of the best terrace gardens) comes along with a musical fountain, you can experience the pure show of a royal procession of brightly decked up elephants at the time of ‘Mysore Dasara Festival’ (Nadahabba- 10-day festival).

  • Enjoy the trekking at ‘Chamundeshwari Temple’ (one of the most prominent temples in Mysore) suspended on the ‘Chamundi Hill’ get a glorious feel at well preserved ‘Hoyasala Temples’.
  • (Chennakeshava Temple) in Somnathpur(a historic town with temples built during the Hoysala period). Do not miss the rich cultural heritage of Tipu sultan (ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore).
  • Make a list of the places before you start the travel. You will get more number of must-visit places in Mysore.