Meghalaya – Natural Wonders of East India

Scotland of the East

Meghalaya is also known as the ‘abode of clouds’, Scotland of the East. It is a hidden treasure nestled in the lap of pine-covered Khasi, an indigenous ethnic group of Meghalaya and Garo Hills, inhabited mainly by tribal dwellers. It is one of North East India’s most charming states with its terraced incline, rambling waterfalls, holy caves, dense forests, and luminous lakes (bright lakes) and streams.

e beautiful Khasi Hills, at Cherrapunjee, Shillong
Khasi Hills, at Cherrapunjee, Shillong

Holiday Destination

Meghalaya is a perfect holiday destination in India for explorers, cavers, and nature lovers. It is only in Meghalaya, where you will see unique artificial root bridges that are developed and not built. In Meghalaya, the Khasi group has been building up these frameworks since at some point in the past by organizing the blended essential establishments of versatile trees over-exhausted scarab nut trunks to make them flood streams and streams. The roots of the bridges will mature over 10-15 years.


There is a double-decker living root bridge’, nature preserve in Cherrapunji at Cherrapunjee, a breathtaking artistic natural wonder standing over 200 years. The caves of ‘Krem Mawsmai’ (show cave in Meghalaya) are additional tourist attractions that leave you speechless with its unique shapes formed hundreds of years ago. You need to know about the place ‘Mawlynnong’, a village in the East Khasi Hills.

Natural Bridge Megahalaya
Double-decker Living Root Bridge

You may be surprised that this place is the supreme cleanest village in India. You may experience the rustic village life, all filled with delicious local food. Meghalaya is a must-visit  tourists destination in India to explore the natural wonders of East India. Do not miss it on your trip.