Largest Oasis in the World, Al hasa, Saudi Arabia

World’s Largest Oasis contain more than 2.5 million Palm Trees.

Al hasa Oasis is popularly known for the traditional oasis temporal region in eastern Saudi Arabia. The closest airport to this Location is Dawadmi at 56kms. Al hasa Oasis is in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. It entirely consists of backyards, channels, springs, wells, and a Drainage Lake, as well as ancient buildings, modern textile, and archaeological places. It is the world’s largest oasis contain more than 2.5 million palm trees in it. The most significant thing is its geocultural landscape. 

Al Asha-oasis

Al hasa listed in a world heritage site in 2018 and part of UNESCO Creative Cities Network from December 2015.It ultimately shows the ancient culture and occupation of people of the Gulf region of the Arabian Peninsula. Al hasa comprises of 12 parts; it covers the total area of 21,555 Hectare among 10,000 hectares is for agricultural purposes, with more than 2.5 million palm trees. Also, it is the wealthiest area of groundwater sources. Due to an adequate amount of fresh water supply, the climate favors agriculture. Al hasa is located on the border of the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, which is just 60 km away from the Arabian Peninsula. Covered with four sides, namely North by Abqaiq area, on the east by the Arabian Gulf, on the west the desert of Al-Dahna and finally on the south is full of the desert of Al-Rub’ Al-Khali.  

Dates Cultivations and Water Management :

The most crucial characteristic of Al hasa oasis is the cultivation of dates; also, they introduced the Dilmun era and the multifaceted water management and drainage systems that establish this cultivation. In the last 50 years, this oasis developed in many fields and one that now functions on an industrial scale. The date cultivation and canal system are brought significant changes in the oasis. Due to these changes, the Al-Ahsa oasis is not only holding the traditional culture, but also it comes up with new technologies. 

Advanced Agriculture :

But in the most inspirational landscape, a few modernized arbitrations have been started to support the determination of traditional practices. ICOMOS evaluated the place to know about what they are continuing to maintain their attributes of Outstanding Universal Value and keep the proof of development over time. Oasis will function traditionally to interact with its natural environment. Today Al-Ahsa has become an essential region of Saudi Arabia that holds precious historical parts and traditions with advanced agriculture.  A trip out to Al hasa’s gives you a chance to experience to trek the famous Al Qarah Mountain; you can enjoy the view of the oasis from the peek.

Al-Hasa Oasis FAQ’s :

What is the Latitude and Longitude of Al-hasa ?

21.9113 N and 49.3653 E

What is the postal code for Al-hasa?


What is an oasis ?

Oasis is a place in a desert region, where water and Natural vegetation is possible.

How can oasis be differentiated from desert Lakes ?

Most of the desert lakes are saline lakes in nature. Its high evaporation rates relative to the basin’s interior drainage lead to dissolved salt accumulation in lake waters where the water is not suitable for vegetation. Regarding Oasis, It is found at the lowest elevation in the desert and receives abundant rainfall.

How oasis formed in the desert region? 

It is due to heavy rainfall, unable to soak into the dry earth, and its elevation. Both play an essential role in the formation of oasis over the centuries.

How big is Al-hasa?

120 Square Kilometers.

What type of fruits available in Al-hasa?

Dates. As per Armcoexpacts, daily five million dates are produced in Al-Hasa.

Can we drink water from Al-hasa Oasis?

Yes. You can. It is one of the best Natural water in the region of Saudi Arabia.

Is vegetation is possible in Al-hasa?

Yes. Due to its abundant underground water source. According to current atmospheric conditions, Rice, Vegetables, and Fruits are cultivated.