Largest Indoor Theme Park in Dubai | IMG Worlds|

Interesting Facts

The IMG worlds of Adventure is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the first mega themed indoor amusement park with the excitement of four epic adventure zones in one location. Besides, the park there are several themed retail stores to slake your thirst for shopping. Suppose a full day of adventure and movement has made you hungry, there are some excellent eateries within the park where you can enjoy delicious foods from the cuisine of your choice. It is the primary temperature-controlled indoor themed entertainment destination in the world, covering an area in a surplus of 1.5 million square feet. It allows nearly 20,000 guests a day. Families can spend a full day of entertainment in this themed park, catering to thrill-seekers, shopaholics, foodies, and cinephiles.

Dubai is prominent among tourists all across the world for many good reasons. The geographical site of Dubai makes it an excellent destination for a wide range of activities. There are plenty of enjoyable activities for kids as the Cartoon Network, and Dinosaur themes featuring many animation characters to make the experience all the more pleasant for kids. If you want to try something more than indulging in exciting activities, IMG Worlds of Adventure has many other attractions.

The IMG Worlds park also features 12-screen Novo complex multiplex. Suppose you think your Dubai experience is unfinished even after touring its iconic landmarks and indulging in adventure sports. In that case, a Trip To IMG Worlds of Adventure is undoubtedly to complete your trip with 100% Satisfication.