World Tallest Fountain – King Jeddah Fountain

Jets water to the highest height of 312m.

King Fahd’s Fountain is also known as “Jeddah Fountain” after King Fahd donated it to Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia. Jeddah Fountain is the World’s tallest fountain that jets water to the highest height of 312m. The construction of the fountain begins in the 1980s and completed in 1985. The World’s second tallest fountain is World Cup Fountain in Seoul, South Korea. It ejects water to a height of 202m.

Jeddah features the highest fountain in the world.

Jeddah fountain is visible from all parts of Jeddah. The water ejected from the fountain reach a speed of 375km/h. The airborne mass can exceed 16tonnes. As it operates on saltwater, corrosion and abrasion are the key challenges. Over 500 spotlights are used to light up the fountain. It looks more beautiful at night time. Jeddah Fountain uses saltwater taken from Red sea.