Traditional Kerala Food items list names and images to Try in 2021

Most Delicious and Traditional Kerala Food to Try

Let’s see the mouth-watering Kerala foods list names and images with their ingredients.

Kerala Parotta

Kerala Parotta or Malabar Parotta is a unique dish of the Malabar region. Parotta originated in the Indian subcontinent, is well famous across Tamil Nadu and Kerala states. Parotta is a multi-layered flatbread made from maida flour egg, oil or ghee, and water. Soft Parotta tasted with Kerala egg curry, beef curry, chicken curry, or with veg kurma.

Image of Malabar Parotta

Pazhampori (Banana Fritters)

Pazham Pori, also known as Ethakka Appam, is a popular street food snack in Kerala. Pazham Pori an all-time favorite tea time snack of Malayalees. This popular snack made of ripened bananas, sugar, baking soda, and rice flour. Sliced bananas are dipped in an all-purpose flour batter and then deep-fried.

Picture of Banana Fritters , Kerala Street Foods

Baby Chicken Fry

Baby Chicken Fry is a delicious and spicy street food of Kerala. It is prepared by marinating a slice of chicken meat in a spicy masala and fried. This spicy chicken fry served with lemon juice and dipping sauce.

Picture of Kerala Food Baby Chicken Fry

Avil Milk

Avil Milk is a healthy and tasty drink more popular in the Malabar region of Kerala. This delicious drink is prepared using rice flakes, banana, milk, sugar, and peanuts.

Picture of Kerala Tasty Authentic Drink Avil Milk

Thalassery Dum Biryani

Thalassery Dum Biryani originated from the Malabar region is a quite popular dish in Kerala. Thalassery Dum Biryani made of Kaima Rice, chicken meat, spices, fried onions, tomato, Dahi, ghee, and nuts. There are three stages in making biryani- preparing the meat masala, cooking the rice, and Dum cooking. Biryani made of fried onions and special rice called Jeerakasala (Kaima Rice) gives a unique flavor and aroma for this dish.

Picture of Kerala Popular Food Thalassery Dum Biryani

Mussel Pepper Fry

Mussels Pepper Fry, also known as kallumakkaya fry, very popular in the coastal regions of Kerala.  Made of ginger, garlic, spices, curry leaves, tomato, green chilies, and coconut oil. A spicy mussels fry eaten as an appetizer or a side dish for rice.

Picture of Popular Street Food in kerala – kallumakkaya fry

Chicken Chukka

Chicken chukka is a spicy and tasty stir chicken fry, well popular street food in Kerala. Chicken chukka prepared from marinated chicken, onion, tomato, green chili, curry leaves, and coconut oil. Chicken marinated using spicy aromatic masala mixture gives a great taste. Delicious Kerala Style Chicken Chukka is eaten with roti or rice.

Picture of Kerala food – Spicy and tasty stir chicken fry

Kappa Mutta

Kappa Mutta is an authentic Kerala dish, more commonly eaten for breakfast. Kappa Mutta is a mashed tapioca and egg stir fry dish. It’s prepared with coconut oil, tapioca, eggs, onions, garam masala, green chili, ginger, garlic, and pepper.

Picture of Authentic Kerala Food – Kappa Mutta

Calicut Biryani

Calicut Biryani is another popular dum biryani dish to try in Kerala. This mouth-watering biryani is prepared using ingredients like Kaima rice, ghee, ginger, garlic, biryani masala, and marinated chicken. The rice and the meat are cooked separately and then assembled to cook in a dum style. The unique taste and aroma of the Calicut Biryani come from the whole spices used. Calicut Biryani goes well with raita and green chutney.

Picture of Kerala Food – Mouth-Watering Biryani

Egg Poach

Poached Eggs is an ideal Kerala style egg dish. Poached eggs are very famous in Kerala, eaten as a simple and healthy breakfast. It is prepared using egg, salt, oil, and black pepper. Here the white of the eggs is firm outside, holding a runny yolk.

Picture of Kerala Style Egg Dish

Saffron Rice

Saffron Rice is also known as yellow rice, is a favored dish in Kerala. Generally, prepared using saffron, white rice, spices, green chilies, vegetable bouillon, ghee, and nuts. Saffron lovely spices, that give a rich taste and aroma to the dish.

Picture of Most famous favored Kerala dish

Kerala Fried Prawn

Kerala is well famous for its seafood among them, Kerala Fried Prawn/ Chemmeen Fry is a spicy and delightful dish. Made-up of prawns, chili powder, black pepper, lemon juice, and curry leaves. Cleaned prawns marinated with some spices and shallow fried in coconut oil. Coconut oil and curry leaves give a real touch of Kerala flavors!! Kerala Fried Prawn is a great appetizer and also a side dish for rice.

Picture of Kerala Fried Prawn/ Chemmeen Fry


Puttu is one of the most authentic dishes of Kerala. This simple and healthy dish found in every street food stall in Kerala. Puttu is the popular breakfast item and staple food of Malayalees. Puttu, a cylindrical steamed rice cake cooked with coconut shavings. Prepared of rice flour, shredded coconut, salt, and water. Puttu served with kadala curry, absolutely awesome!!

Picture of Most Famous Kerala Food Puttu


Appam with stew, one of the traditional dish of Kerala, that is yummy and flavorful. More commonly found in the streets of Kerala. Soft, thin, and crispy rice pancake more often ate for breakfast. Appam is made of fermented rice batter and coconut milk and served with vegetable stew or sweetened coconut milk.

Picture of Appam – Traditional dishes of Kerala


Idiyappam also known as noolappam, is a traditional Kerala cuisine. Made-up of rice flour, salt, and water. Dough made of rice flour is pressed in noodle form and then steamed on a flat plate. Idiyappam with Egg curry is a common breakfast in Kerala found in every street food stalls. It can be served with coconut milk or grated coconut, sugar, and banana too.

Picture of Traditional Kerala Food – Idiyappam also known as noolappam

Chuttuli Meen

Chutuli Meen is a signature dish of Kerala which goes well with Idiyappam or Appam. It is a Kerala-Jewish dish here a full fish is marinated with a paste made from onions, curry leaves, lime juice, green chili, ginger, and garlic, then fried. Served with grilled potatoes and masala stuffed okra.

Picture of Signature dish of Kerala – Chutuli Meen

Fish Fingers

Kerala is quite famous for its fish-based foods, which is ruling its streets. Apart from fish curry and fish fry, a fish finger is the most popular snack item among the locals. Fish finger, a great appetizer that is soft and delicious on the inside, crispy and crunchy on the outside. Made-up of boneless fish, cornflour, pepper, lime juice, salt, and oil. Fish Finger with Mayonnaise is yummy!!!

Picture of Soft and Delicious Kerala Food – Fish finger