Jainism – Quick Facts

  • In Jainism, the Jina (or) Jaina means “The conqueror”.
  • Mahavira is said to be the historical founder of Jainism.
  • There were 23 thirthankaras (( prophets / gurus ) which are all Krishnatriya ) before him, Rishaba being the first and parshavantha, 23rd.
  • At the age of 30, Mahavira renounced his family and set out in search of truth.
  • In 13th year of his asterism, outside the town of Irimbhikgrama, he attained enlightment form that time onwards, he was called Jaina (or) Jitendriya  (conqueror of his senses ), nirgrantha (Free from all bonds) and Mahavira (the brave) and his followers came to be known as Jain.
  • Jainism rejects the idea of a creator of the world as well as the authorities of the Vedas though it doesn’t oppose the caste system.
  • Jains believes in karma and in  the transmigration of soul. Salvation (or) nirvana comes on getting ride of the cycle of birth and rebirth and can be attained by leading a pure life guided by three fold path of right faith, right knowledge and right conduct.
  • Jains believe that fasting is a means of austerity. It helps to control the demands of the body and helps to keep the mind focused on the upliftment of soul.
  • Jains later split into two groups – Digambaras & Svetambaras.
Jain Temple- Greater Phoenix,AZ
Jain Temple- Greater Phoenix,AZ – By Vijay J Sheth

Right conduct involves 5 abstinences

  1. Non injury (Ahimsa )
  2. Not to lie (Satya )
  3. Not to steal (Asteya)
  4. Non possession ( Aparigraha ).
  5. control over the senses (Brahmachariya )