Interesting Facts about Kuchipudi Dance, Andhra Pradesh


  • It is named after the village of its birth kuchalavaram (or) kuchalapapuri kuchilavaram (or) kuchelapuri, in Andhra Pradesh .
  • Kuchupudi dance is the classical dance of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Kuchilavas were group of dancers going from village to village.
  • It’s a traditional male preserve.
  • Enacted by Brahmins in temples.
  • Under the impact of vaishnavisam, the theme began to be based on “Bhagavat purana”.
  • In fourteen/fifteenth century, Sri yogi siddhentra was resealed the dance and compared the “Bhama kalapam” which has now become the part and parcel of Kuchipudi.
  • He prevailed young brahmins boys to dedicate themselves to the traditional deetional dances that would lead them to salvation and they known as “Bhagavattulu”.
  • Two important generation named, “Vedanta” and “Vampati” are gurus as well as great dancers.

Some of the Famous Kuchipudi Dancers

  • Vempati Chinna Satyam
  • Raja & Radha Reddy
  • Yamini Krishnamurthy
  • Divya yeluri, lakshmi babu