Hatta Rock Pools | A Weekend Escape Spot in Dubai

A Perfect Weekend Gateway

Hatta Rock Pools situated near the town of Hatta, just outside of Dubai in the Hajar Mountains (Mountain range in Oman); the Hatta Rock Pools have ended up being one of the city’s most mainstream end of the week escapes. Hatta, an enclave of Dubai settled in the Hajar Mountains, is a vast weekend departs for localities and tourists.  The main attraction is its weather, mountain scenery, and the magnificent Hatta rock pools Dubai. After experiencing the sizzling desert temperatures of Dubai, the cold, dry climate of the mountains is almost as refreshing as a dip in the turquoise (opaque) waters. With its closeness to the Hatta convention town, you should consider joining the two attractions into a single day visit from Dubai.  

Head 90 minutes out of Dubai’s downtown area, and you’ll locate this little slice of paradise high up in the Hajar Mountains. Acclaimed for its massive waving peaks and turquoise puddles, swap skyscrapers for the usual panorama and investigate the mountain town of Hatta – the ideal spot to get out and enjoy nature.

Things to do in Hatta Rocks Pools Dubai

1. Kayak on a dam

Backed simply by rugged mountainscapes, the Hatta Dam Lake is something very remarkable. The Dam built-in the 1990’s to provide electricity and water to hatta town. The lake today is a photo-ready image of electric blue waters and a scene of rough pinnacles. Besides the Instagram-ready photograph opportunity, this shockingly desolate region is best-cherished for its peaceful and quiet waters. Lease a single or twofold kayak and spend a couple of hours absorbing the view as you paddle comfortable past.


2. Hike or bike the Hatta Mountains:

Mountains encircle this beautiful town, and there’s no more grand approach to take in the perspectives than walking or going through the beautiful slopes. Taking off for a climb is maybe an underestimated action when visiting Dubai. Yet, it’s an attractive method to twist through the watercourses or to arrive at dazzling vantage points with all panoramic perspectives. Then again, get a bicycle and try some cycling on the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail.

hatta pools dubai

This committed assortment of distinct bicycle routes has suit cyclists. Hit the pedals at dawn for the best view, and keep your eyes stripped for wildlife – the Hatta Mountain Conservation Area is home to the most significant populace of the jeopardized Arabian tahr (mammal).

3. See a 2000-year-old village:

This little old town recounts old Dubai’s powerful story, a milestone glimpse taking you back over 2000 years; perceive how the first occupants used to live when you roam around the completely protected old houses and reestablished antiquated fortress. Trek to the old nineteenth-century protective tower’s peak for the best perspectives investigating this historic town setting.


4. Up the adrenaline at Hatta Wadi Hub:

For a fantastic mixture of adrenaline-actuating exercises, plan for a stop at the Hatta Wadi Hub. Open-air adventure place to visit for daredevils. Experience hatchet throwing, zip-lining or aerial runway, bows, and arrows, and giant zorbing balls, or head for the colder waters of the ‘Drop-In’.