Fua Mulaku Havitta – Archipelago Island in Maldives

Interesting Facts

Fua Mulaku Havitta is the destruction of broken by the Buddhist chaitya (shrine), whose significant part is its destroyed stupa located in Maldives. It is at the Southernmost incline of the archipelago (island group) located in maldives. In 1982, their appearances were lost due to reckless diggings to discover significant artifacts and monuments. Fua Mulaku has the biggest of the Maldivian (Republic of Maldives) islands and attracts voyagers from far and expansive. It offers tranquility, magnificence, and typical appeal.

Fua Mulaku island Maldives
Courtesy : Picture By HCP Bell in 1922.

The harms were first revealed by HCP Bell, who investigates and explains that the Maldives had been a great extent Buddhist country before it accepted Islam. He went through a few days examining the stupa and the territories nearby it. At present, the stupa state has been gone because of inattentive endeavors to exposed treasure as far as anyone knows buried inside. Fua Mulaku is a surprisingly rich island and creates a portion of the nation’s top-notch vegetables and natural products. Guests will cherish a walk entirely through the green fields and plantations that enjoy a close paradisiacal air. The Fuvahmulah city is packed with activities and moving waters.

Activities at Fua Mulaku Havitta, Maldives 

Drifting and swimming are general, and for the individuals who love to feel the breeze’s surge, bikes are offered for employ. For history lovers, old landmarks and structures that are correct relics of years passed by will be of significance.

How to reach

There is no immediate assistance from the Maldives to Fuvahmulah. You can still take the ship to Ibrahim Nasir Airport (main international airport). Afterward, stroll to the Male air terminal, fly to Gan Island (Island in Addu City), and catch a trip to Fuvahmulah.

Fua Mulaku Island Map Location