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France a metropolitan country in Western Europe suffered a great loss over its economy, wealth and manpower during World War I and II. Even though it suffered a great loss, today it turned into one of the topmost economies in the world having $2,707,074 million GDP in 2019 according to International Monetary Fund Data. France is a well-developed country and it has a global center for art, science, and philosophy. France is a grand leader among European nations and has great powers in global affairs. France has a bicameral legislature which consists of two houses. The upper house of the parliament consists of Senate and the state is headed by President. The monarchy of France was overthrown in the late 18th century and it established one of the earliest republics to provide general Rights for citizens and is still followed today. The Celtic people are the settlers in France during the Iron Age. The Kingdom of Francia was formed when Rome occupied this area in 51BC. Francia was separated into East, Middle and West Francia by the Treaty of Verdun. The victory in the hundred-year war created a huge European power in the Kingdom of France during the middle Ages.  

Land Area

With a total area of 643,801 sq km, France has its borders as Italy, Monaco, Andorra and Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Metropolitan France in Western Europe includes mainland France and Corsica and some islands in the Atlantic Ocean, English Channel, and the Mediterranean Sea. The French Guiana in South America and some islands in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans from the overseas territories of France. Paris the capital city of France serves as a major center of arts, science, and Finance. It holds the majority of the population of France in a large area.


France has the population of 66.9 million in 2018; it was slowly increased and reached 67 million in 2020. According to UN Data in 2019, the population density is 118.9 people per square kilometer. The life expectancy at birth of male was 78.8 years and female are 85 years. The sex ratio is 93.8 males per 100 females.The net migration rate in France is 0.723 per 1000 population.


The main religious faith of France is Christianity and the official language spoken is French. The Celtic peoples with mixtures of Germanic Franks and Italic Romans are the significant people of France. Germans, Jews and Asians from Laos, Vietnam are the ethnic groups. According to a survey held by IFOP in 2016, Christianity was followed by 51.1% of people, Islam by 5.6%, other religion by 2.5% and non-religious 39.6%.

Other Religion2.5
Non- Religious39.6


The major part of its economy is financial services, banking, and insurance sector. It combined most of its private enterprises with the state sector and Government. The Government slowly grew into a corporate company and sell the shares of Air France, France Telecom, insurance, and banking. France country is the seventh-largest economy while considering nominal GDP, and tenth-largest by GDP (PPP). According to the country’s wealth, it took fourth place in the world. France is the leading tourist destination receiving millions of tourists every year. It holds numerous astonishing UNESCO World Heritage site in its space. In 2019, the nominal GDP is $2.707 trillion and GDP (PPP) is $3.061 trillion. It is 1.2% growth while compared to 2018. With the HDI value of 0.891, france get the 26th place. 

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