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Dubai Food Delivery Apps: What are they? How do they work?

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Are you searching for the online food delivery Dubai ? Then look no further! The best way to enjoy delicious meals delivered right to your door is by using an app that offers this delivery and ordering service. Dubai’s online food delivery apps are Talabat, Careem, Deliveroo, EatEasy, Zomato, InstaShop, Locale, My Eat Pal, and NoonFood.


EastEasy is one of the leading online food delivery apps in Dubai and United Arab Emirates. It is also available in regional languages and covers over seven countries in the UAE. Those are Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah & Ras Al Khaima.
eateasy online food deliver app dubai.


Careem is one of the prominent food delivery companies in dubai, covering almost 100 cities with its operations. Careem is also available in African and South Asian countries. Careem provides not only food delivery, but you can also book your ride, get groceries, and pay your bills on a single platform. You can download the Careem app for your iOS or Android device.


Talabat is one of the prominent food ordering app in dubai, founded in Kuwait in 2004. As of April 2021, Talabat provides its services in Nine countries: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, and Jordan. You can order food with Talabat by downloading their app or visiting their website. Talabat online Food Delivery in Dubai offers numerous discounts and offer for their users.


Deliveroo is a online food delivery app in dubai, owned by the British online food delivery enterprise founded in 2013 in London, England. It operates in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar. It has an app available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. You can order food with Deliveroo by downloading their app or visiting their website.


Zomato is a global food and restaurant search and discovery app founded in 2008 in India, it offers food delivery service in dubai . It operates in 24 countries, including the United Arab Emirates. The app allows you to find the best restaurants in your city and view menus, photos, ratings, and reviews. You can also order food directly through the app. Download the Zomato app for your iOS or Android device, or visit their website to explore restaurants in Dubai.


InstaShop is an online grocery delivery service that lets you shop for groceries from the comfort of your home. InstaShop offers a wide range of products from supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, bakeries, butcheries, and more. You can order your groceries online and receive them within 30 or 60 minutes on average time. Download the InstaShop app for your iOS or Android device.


Locale is a food delivery companies in dubai allowing you to order food from famous eateries and bakeries. They offer a range of items from Neapolitan-style pizza to upscale housemade Italian cuisine. The locale also provides furnishings of apartments with the amenities of an upscale hotel. Customers can order online and deliver their food in insulated bags with dry ice. Delivery is available on Wednesdays and Fridays.

My Eat Pal

My Eat Pal is an online food ordering and delivery service in dubai that offers various food options. They have restaurants, bakeries, and fast food outlets that deliver to your doorstep. Customers can order online from different cuisine options, including Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, and more. My Eat Pal also offers a range of healthy meal options and snacks.


Noon Food is a new food delivery app in dubai. Noon Food app brings you the amazing street foods of the world. Their mission is to grow the Food and beverage delivery sector via accessible technology. Download the Noon Food app for your iOS or Android device, or visit their website to explore restaurants in Dubai.

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