Interesting facts to know about Etihad Tower, Abu Dhabi

One of the Most Attractive Tourist Spot in Abu dhabi

Etihad Tower – Abu Dhabi is located just opposite to Emirates Palace. This Tower consists of Five Towers at various height ranges. It built to provide the stay, dine, shop, reside and work in one destination. It’s structure designed by DBI Design and developed by Sheikh Suroor Projects Department. Construction work started in 2006 and completed in 2011. It is now became one of the landmark in Abu dhabi. All these towers include luxurious Hotels, Restaurants, Boutiques, and Residence with all facilities.

Etihad Towers
Stunning Front Elevated View of Etihad Towers

Tower 1 has 69 floors and stands at the height of 277 m.
Tower 2 has 80 floors and stands at a height of 305 m.
Tower 3 has 54 floors and stands at the height of 260 m.
Tower 4 has 61 floors and a stand at the height of 234 m.
Tower 5 has 55 floors and stands at the height of 218 m.

Tower 1 includes the Famous Emirati International Luxury Hotel, opened in 2011. Etihad Tower has five luxurious hotels with facilities including Gym, spa, pools, Gardens, and offering a panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf. In Etihad Tower, you can make your stay luxurious, comfortable, and memorable. The Tower’s observatory deck has large floor space seating tables with lunch options to enjoy the Arabian Gulf views, which is breathtaking. On the 74th floor, there is a café offering snacks and drinks at a low cost. Inside the Restaurant, from interior decoration, seating arrangement to furniture all is top-notch.

Etihad Towers
Sky Touching View of Etihad Toweers

Etihad Tower contain international Restaurants and bars, offering food from all around the world, including Japanese, Italian, French and Lebanese. Etihad Tower is the most attractive tourist spot in Abu Dhabi, don’t forget to visit.

Address : Corniche West Street, Opp Emirates Palace Hotel – Abu Dhabi – UAE

Phone : +971 800 3844238

Etihad Towers Opening Hours :

Sunday to Monday – Open 24 hours

(During Eid al-Fitr timings may vary on Saturday, Sunday & Monday)