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Edge of the World – Riyadh – Endless View

Most Popular Tourist Destination in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Edge of the world is one of the most famous desert treks in Saudi arabia, Riyadh is known next to the Tuwaiq Escarpment. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and one of the leading financial centers. The rocks stretch towards the sky like a high natural wall. This place is one of the geological wonder in the rocky desert Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The site got this nickname because; it projects the cliff so that you can have an endless view of the horizon. Edge of the World is also known as Jebel Fihrayn situated just 90 km from Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh and nearly 90 minutes’ drive. The nearby places from Edge of the world are Tuwaiq Palace Heart Tent, Al Janadriyah Festival, Al Masmak Fortress.

Endless View  :

It is one of the parts of a more extended Tuwaiq cliff. You can have the best trekking experience. From here nearly 1000 feet, you can see an ancient ocean bed. Also, while standing on the top of the rocks, you can see a dried river twist across the green land, you can also see camel going far away. Camel and its herders will use the well-flattened path as an ancient group route formerly passed within its shade.

Edge of the World
Incredible View of Edge of the World with Tourists

Do’s and don’ts in Edge of the world :

There are many hiking trails on and around the cliff. The hiker may enjoy hiking. If you are passing through the place named “The Window,” you can even get down the lower flat terrain. You should be aware that this natural place doesn’t have any fences or warning signs anywhere. So you should be very careful while hiking and should be a practiced hiker. Bringing small children to this site is very risk; everyone should wear good hiking shoes and should not wear sandals.

How to reach this place :

This place can be visited only by four-wheelers, as the site is very rocky and in some areas, there will be soft sand. The safest way to go there is by convoy. Before starting your trip, check the fuel tank and spare tires are ready. Do not stop your vehicle in soft sand. Well, you have prepared your safety measures like hat and sunscreen before starting. Take enough water because it will take time to reach the cliff by walking. Make sure to reach Acacia valley before 6 pm, if not you will be stuck in the valley for the whole night. This Acacia valley will open for Friday and Saturday only. They another way to reach this Cliff is Sadus Dam; this route will also have the same difficulty and risk; this route will be opened for all the time.

Best time to visit this place :

The best time to visit this edge of the world, saudi arabia is during winter, as we can able to manage the temperature. The Edge of the world is terrifically hot during the summer season. Enjoy this place during winter weekend as this place has some crowds.You can enjoy many stunning views and can experience at the “edge of the world” Capture the best moments.

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  1. WOW.!! As you can see, sometimes the extremes are beautiful, wonderful and different. Amazing place !! Edge of the World is one of the points of Tuwaiq Escarpment with deep steep edges.

  2. It is the top tourist destination in Riyadh provides stunning experience and 4×4 vehicle drive was fabulous

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