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Dehradun Tourist Places on Nature’s Lap

Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, home to numerous stunning landscapes nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. Its snow-covered mountains, rustic villages, holy shrines, and adventurous trekking trails attracts tourist every moment when they set their feet in its land. Hence it remains one of the adventurous and breathtaking tourist spots in India. Here we present the Top 30 Dehradun Tourist Places. 

1. Robber’s Cave

Located about 8 km from Dehradun, Robber’s Cave called Gucchu Pani is a river cave formed in the Himalayas. This cave is accepted as a habitat of the Hindu deity Lord Shiva, and it lies very close to Sahastradha. The highlight is that the river water flows from the center of the cave. Robber’s cave with an extremely cold water spring is one of the most popular Dehradun tourists places to get amidst in natural beauty of Uttarakhand.

Robber's Cave dehradun
Picture of Robber’s Cave – Dehradun Tourist Place #1

2. Tapkeshwar Temple

Located 6.5 km away from the heart of the Dehradun city, Tapkeshwar Temple is a natural cave shrine lying along the riverside devoted to Lord Shiva. Also known as Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple or Drona Cave, it’s a revered temple, which provides unique sanctity. This temple is one of the Dehradun tourist places . It allows devotees to take a bath in sulphur spring before entering the temple.

Tapkeshwar Temple
Tapkeshwar Temple – Dehradun Tourist Places #2

3. Sahastradhara

For medical merits and therapeutic value, Sahastradha (literally means ‘thousand-fold spring’) is one of the tourist places to visit in Dehradun. Sahastradha has numerous water pools where water cascades from limestone stalactites, turning into sulphur springs. A dip in this sulphur-rich water has incredible medical advantages. Besides medicinal value, its tranquil environment and picturesque beauty attract lots of tourists.

Sahastradhara – Dehradun Tourist Places #3

4. Malsi Deer Park

Also called Malsi Zoo, it is a famous zoological garden in Dehradun, situated at the base of the Shivalik range. With charming nature and rich flora and fauna, it’s a heaven for nature lovers. Indulges in this place give you a feel like visiting God’s Picturesque creatures. Especially famous for deer, tourists can spot tigers, rabbits, peacocks, and Himalayan antelopes here.

Malsi Deer Park - Dehradun deer park
Malsi Deer Park – Dehradun Tourist Places #4

5. Forest Research Institute

Lavishly spread over 4.5 square kilometers, this Forest Research Institute has unique Greco-Roman and Colonial styles of architecture, and it houses six museums. Settled with a scenic backdrop of Doon Valley, Forest Research Institute is a prominent place to visit in dehradun. Apart from museums and research, the botanical garden in the FRI campus is the key place for tourists to enjoy its serene and outstanding scene.

Forest-Research-Institute - tourist places
Forest Research Institute – Dehradun Tourist Places #5

6. Mindrolling Monastery

Located in the center of the tranquil foothills of the Himalayas, Mindrolling Monastery is one of the biggest Buddhist Centres in India. Surrounded by greenery, this monastery reveals its beauty through its architecture, vast garden, tall Buddha statue, and Asia’s largest Stupa. It is one of the Dehradun tourists places, which attracts numerous visitors worldwide.

Mindrolling Monastery -Tourist Places
Mindrolling Monastery – Dehradun Tourist Places #6

7. Lacchiwalla

Situated in the forest area of Rajaji, Lacchiwalla is the most popular picnic spot near Dehradun. The original beauty of this place is enriched by the stream running through the forest area. The stream remains a natural water park, where visitors can indulge in water activities such as boating, swimming, etc. Lush greenery, picturesque cottages, and hotels add extra beauty to Lacchiwalla.

Lacchiwalla - Dehradun Tourist Places
Lacchiwalla – Dehradun Tourist Places #7

8. Assan Barrage

Assan Barrage is a splendid artificial lake loaded with nature and beauty. The lake formed by the confluence of two great rivers today remains filled with life, biodiversity, and rare bird species on the earth. Indeed it’s a naturalists’ and bird lover’s paradise!!. Located at a distance of 32 km west of the Dehradun city, Assan Barrage is one of Dehradun tourist places.

Assan Barrage
Assan Barrage – Dehradun Tourist Places #8

9. Tapovan Temple

Tapovan Temple is a holy place situated on the banks of river Ganga. Due to the rich history of the sacred Ashram, devotees frequently visit this place to get inner peace. It is trusted that visiting this temple gives a peaceful mind, a sense of satisfaction, and release from stress and tension. Encompassed by the picturesque scene.

Tapovan Temple - Dehradun Tourist Places
Tapovan Temple – Dehradun Tourist Places #9

10. Rajaji National Park

Vastly spread over three districts (Dehradun, Haridwar, and Pauri Garhwal) of Uttarakhand, Rajaji National Park is the Dehradun must-visit tourist places. Popular for vibrant wildlife, mainly elephant and tiger, visitors can spot sambal, bear, chital, wild boar, python, and wild cats. Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, and jungle tracks are the main attractions here. Surrounding the Shivalik Ranges, it is rich in flora and fauna; hence it’s a naturalist’s and wildlife enthusiasts paradise!!

Rajaji National Park - Dehradun Tourist Places
Rajaji National Park – Dehradun Tourist Places #10

11. Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara

One of the Main pilgrimage center for the Sikh religion and is one of the oldest Gurudwara in the city. Setup in the 17th century by Ram Rai (Oldest Son of Seventh Gurur of Sikhs). Due to its wealthy spirituality, it draws pilgrims and Sikh devotees from worldwide. The main festival of Ram Rai Gurudwara is the Jhanda Fair, which is held every year on the 5th day of the Holi Festival.

Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara
Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara – Dehradun Tourist Places #11

12. Fun Valley

Situated at the base of the Garhwal Himalayas, Fun Valley is the biggest amusement and water park in North India. This amusement park cum resort is an ideal place to spend leisure time with loved ones. Home to a huge interior complex, multi-cuisine restaurants, thrilling rides, and an exciting water park, it remains one of the most lively water theme parks in Dehradun.

Fun Valley -watet theme park in dehradun
Fun Valley – Dehradun Tourist Places #12

13. Clock Tower

Standing a tall 85m, Clock Tower is a renowned landmark of the Dehradun city. Built by the British, it’s an elite building with six faces and a gold plate on the top, where all the names of freedom fighters of Dehradun are engraved. Clock Tower adds more heritage value to the city. Even though the Clock Tower is not working, many tourists see this as an important monument in history, adding to Dehradun’s must-visit tourists place in your trip.

Clock Tower - places to visit
Clock Tower – Dehradun Tourist Places #13

14. Kalinga War Memorial

Located on the Sahastradhara Road, Kalinga War Memorial is a heritage monument in Dehradun. British erected this war memorial to honor the bravery of Gorkha soldiers. Thus, the military raised the world’s first commemoration for their adversary. This historical place is also one of the prominent tourist places in Dehradun, still speaks the brave story of Gorkhas.

Kalinga War Memorial Dehradun Tourist Places
Kalinga War Memorial – Dehradun Tourist Places #14

15. Shikhar Falls

A great place to watch scenic moments, Shikhar Falls is a well-famed picnic spot in Dehradun. Reaching the cascade requires a 1 km hike on the rough landscapes. While trekking, you will come across shallow pools with cute chirping sounds of birds. Different species of birds and colorful butterflies give real beauty to this region. Perfect place for photography too!! Don’t miss this place when you visit your trip to Dehradun.

Shikhar Falls - must visit falls in dehradun
Shikhar Falls – Dehradun Tourist Places #15

16. Har Ki Dun

Are you looking for peace, nature, and adventure, pick this place. With untouched panoramic beauty, Har Ki Dun is a beautiful cradle-shaped valley. Standing at an elevation of 3,566 meters above sea level, Har Ki Dun is one of the tourist places to trek. Encompassed by dense Pine forests and dazzling mountain peaks, this trail takes you to some of the unexplored areas of the Garhwal Himalayan region. 

Har Ki Dun - mountain scenic beauty
Har Ki Dun – Dehradun Tourist Places #16

17. Maldevta

Located in Shripur, Maldevta is a good vacation spot in Dehradun. Having the great Himalayas as its background, it surely offers some spectacular views of nature. Nice place for families and even youngster groups to soak in the river’s cool waters or go for a nature walk to enjoy the hopping and chirping sounds of the birds. A temple that sits on the lap of nature is the star attraction here. Apart from the river & temple, Maldevta is one of the Dehradun tourist places for camping. 

Maldevta - wonderful place in dehradun
Maldevta – Dehradun Tourist Places #17

18. Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls, located near cantonment town Chakrata, is one of the most enthralling tourist places in Dehradun. Encircled by thick forest, gushing water truly enchants the visitors. Water falling from a waterfall forms a small pool below, where visitors can enjoy a refreshing bath. Tiger Falls is far away for normal visitors, but it’s the right choice for trekking enthusiasts to get a thrilling experience.

Tiger Falls
Tiger Falls – Dehradun Tourist Places #18

19. Bali Pass

Bali Pass is one of the great trekking spots in Dehradun. Lying in the Indian Himalayan region, the least explored trek connects the Har Ki Dun valley with Yamunotri. The trail cross through the Govind National Park, where one can spot colorful orchids and vibrant animal and bird species. Set at an elevation of about 4,800 meters, Bali Pass Trek is a wonderful excursion that one should attempt at least once in their lifetime.

Bali Pass
Bali Pass – Dehradun Tourist Places #19

20. Paltan Bazar

The hustle and bustle spot lies in the middle of Dehradun; Paltan Bazaar is the best shopping destination. Stretching 1.5km between the Clock Tower and the railway station, it is the busy and main bazaar in Dehradun. It has it all, from local spices, street foods, confectionery items to clothes, artifacts, and appliances.

Paltan Bazar
Paltan Bazar – Dehradun Tourist Places #20

21. Zonal Anthropological Museum

Zonal Museum, located at a distance of 500m from the Forest Research Institute, is the most famous museum in Dehradun. This gallery shows an assortment of relics identified with humankind’s beginning, advancement, and livelihood on the planet. The gallery additionally displays the origin and social traditions of the early occupants of individuals in the Himalayan foothills.

Zonal Anthropological Museum - Dehradun Tourist Places
Zonal Anthropological Museum – Dehradun Tourist Places #21

22. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarnath is a dazzling spot located in the lap of the hills of the Tons River Valley, offering a simple, fantastic journey. During winter, an absolute peak is covered with snow, presenting a picturesque view. Trek to this peak offers an excellent chance to explore the attractive flora and fauna of the Govind National Park. One of the Dehradun tourist places for those seeking a simple adventure trek and scenic beauty!!

Kedarkantha Trek-
Kedarkantha Trek- Dehradun Tourist Places #22

23. Chetwode Hall

The Chetwode Hall, which is extensively known as the IMA (Indian Military Academy), was named after the legendary organizer of the institute, Field Marshall Sir Philip Chetwode. Spreading over a vast area, it houses the Indian armed force’s advanced mounted guns and refined ammo, alongside a wide scope of antiquities that detail the quality of the Indian Armed Forces.

Chetwode Hall
Chetwode Hall – Dehradun Tourist Places #23

24. Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek is a fine tour place in Dehradun, situated in the great Himalayan mountain range. Adorned with stunning beauty, it offers numerous surprises for its visitors. A few falling cascades, glassy snow overpass, olden villages, great rich green lawns dissipate with yellow marigolds, and the cold blue streams winding around the chilly valley is a treat to the eyes.

Rupin Pass Trek - Dehradun Tourist Places
Rupin Pass Trek – Dehradun Tourist Places #24

25. Kalsi

Kalsi, the most beautiful village, is one of the best Dehradun tourist places that provides a domestic and homely experience. Sits along the riverside of the river Yamuna, it is the gateway to the Jaunsar-Bawar tribal region. Encircled by rich green oak and sal trees and an immense green valley, this little retreat offers you a charming view of the Garhwal Himalayan reaches.

Kalsi - Dehradun Tourist Places
Kalsi – Dehradun Tourist Places #25

26. Fun ‘n’ Food Kingdom

Fun ‘n’ Food Kingdom is a vast, gorgeous recreation center near Prem Nagar in Dehradun. It is featured with water slides, wave pools, rain dance, water aerobics, luxurious green gardens & play area for kids, and a delicate barbecue area. Due to its themed style, impeccable clean pools, and a cluster of exciting, daring rides, Fun ‘n’ Food Kingdom remains the most lively Entertainment Theme Park.

Fun 'n' Food Kingdom - Dehradun Tourist Places
Fun ‘n’ Food Kingdom – Dehradun Tourist Places #26

27. Joy Land Water & Amusement Park

Located in Sahastradhara, Joy Land is wonderful water & amusement park bound with enchanting natural scenery. Spend a full day of fun in this magical world by jumping into the world of water and experiencing adrenaline rides. The water park receives many tourists, mainly in summers, owing to its adventure activities and high thrill rides.

Joy Land Water & Amusement Parks - Dehradun Tourist Places
Joy Land Water & Amusement Parks – Dehradun Tourist Places #27

28. Daat Kali Temple

While exploring temples in Dehradun, Laxman Siddh Temple is a must-visit Dehradun tourist places. The temple is full of history and nature parties. Lord Laxman (brother of Lord Rama) underwent remorse after destroying the evil King Ravana at this place. Holy person, Swami Laxman Siddh went through penance and incinerated at this site. Hence, a large number of devotees come here on Sundays.

Daat Kali Temple - Dehradun Tourist Places
Daat Kali Temple – Dehradun Tourist Places #28

29. Laxman Siddh Temple

While exploring temples in Dehradun, Laxman Siddh Temple is a must-visit Dehradun tourist places. The temple is full of history and nature parties. It is where Lord Laxman (brother of Lord Rama) underwent remorse after destroying the evil King Ravana. Holy person, Swami Laxman Siddh went through penance and incinerated at this site. 

Laxman Siddh Temple - Dehradun Tourist Places
Laxman Siddh Temple – Dehradun Tourist Places #29

30. Chandrabani Temple

 For devotees and travelers, Chandrabani Temple is a popular tourist place in Dehradun city. Dedicated to the divine Goddess Chandrabani, the temple has been built among the picturesque view!! Locals more popularly call this temple Gautama Kund.

Chandrabani Temple - Dehradun Tourist Places
Chandrabani Temple – Dehradun Tourist Places #30


What are the famous temples in Dehradun?

Tapkeshwar Temple, Tapovan Temple, Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara, Daat Kali Temple, Laxman Siddh Temple, Chandrabani Temple.

What are the places best for trekking in Dehradun?

Shikhar Falls, Tiger Falls, Bali Pass, Kedarkantha Trek, Rupin Pass Trek.

What’s an ideal time to visit Dehradun?

Summer (March-June) is an ideal time to visit Dehradun, where the climate is pleasant.

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