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Cholera Disease is a severe dysentery infection caused mainly due to the intake of contaminated drink or food contains bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Even now, Cholera is a worldwide pandemic disease and remains as a lack of social improvement. Experts estimated nearly 1.3 to 4 million people affected every year, and approximately 21,000 to 1,43,000 were reported dead. This disease will show the symptom after 12 hours to 5 days after consuming the contaminated food or water. Initially, it starts with severe diarrhea with dehydration. This disease will affect both children and adults, and it may lead to death within hours if untreated. 

Cholera Bacteria image
Cholera Bacteria image

People, who are infected by Vibrio cholerae, do not develop any symptoms. But the infection is present with them for 1-10 days. These people unknowingly spread the virus to others, as the bacteria in the form of stools spread to their surroundings and leads to transmission. Cholera disease is highly preventable and predictable. The use of clean water and hygiene sanitation will prevent the spread. Cholera disease is a communicable disease. The medium of transmission includes through water, food and mouth.

How to Prevent and Control

  • Proper sanitation and clean water use are the best remedy and need a good awareness of health and hygiene. 
  • It can be treat with Oral Cholera Vaccines. 
  • Every person should practice and develop good hygienic behavior. 
  • Practice Hand hygiene is an essential measure to be healthy and preventive measures.
  • Strengthening observation and early warning systems are significant actions to recognize the first case in an outbreak. 
  • Preventing and controlling Cholera disease needs involvements beyond the health sector, and it is vital to connect with associates across other areas.


  • Since the making of the universal supply in 2013, more than 50 million OCV (Oral Cholera Vaccine) has successfully used in various regions. 
  • OCV used as a Cholera disease outbreak control measure.  
  • OCV is very safe and effective. To prevent this communicable disease, you must practice WASH.