Best things to do in Khasab, Oman- Where you can visit Dolphins

You can explore this city with lots of outdoor activity, food, and points of interest.

Not only Muscat and Nizwa but there is also another city in Oman to explore for your vacation namely, Khasab. You can explore this city with lots of outdoor activity, food, and points of interest. Khasab is situated nearer to UAE and it is famous among tourists from nearby nations and local people from around the region of Oman. Khasab is well popular for its dolphin visits as well as numerous open-air activities because of its key area and its lovely mountain scenes just as fjord-like rough channels.

Picture of Khasab ,Oman Fjords from Boat

Pack your knapsack and begin venturing out to Oman for an energizing excursion. Khasab Castle is one of the significant landmarks of the city. This is not just a castle; there is also a museum in the building. The unique structure was completed by the Portuguese in the 17th century. The circular tower at the castle as well as its strongholds is unique and if you are here, you get to walk around the castle and enjoy the wonderful views. Get into the museum to have a nearer glance at Omani handicrafts, the town’s past, and also the customary life of the ancient people.

Picture of Dophin Swimming in Sea Waves , Oman Fjords

You can also reserve a Dolphin Watching Tours, to spend a day with playful dolphins on vacation. Dhow board is one of the best options to spot dolphins. As the boat is sailing across the shore, you will have a chance to watch dolphins drawing closer to your pontoon to greet you. They are very friendly and like visitors very much. Remember to carry along your sunglasses and cap as the weather is humid.


what are the other activities at Khasab ?

Overnight camping in dhow cruise
Mountian trekking
Musandam Diving and Snorkeling

what are the other places to visit in Khasab tour ?

Khasab Castle
Khawr Najd
Dolphin Khasab Tours
Musandam Tours
Oman Fjords
Bassa Beach

how built the khasab castle ?

Portuguese in the 17th century