Banana Reef Maldives – A Perfect Dive Site

Filled with Astonishing Flora & Fauna

Banana Reef is located inside Kuda Kalhi, north of Male Atoll (administrative atoll), very close to the west of Club Med. The Maldives is precisely one of the beautiful reefs, contributing a stunning place for diving and incredible beaches, lodgings, and a sizzling, steamy ambiance.

Banana Reef - Maldives
Under Water Dive Spot – Coral Reefs in Maldives

It is Top popular tourist attraction in the Maldives. It is popularly known as “Gaathugiri” (Curve-shaped Banana Reef) because it looks like a Banana when observing from the top view. Along with diving, we can walk around to the western end till 1-15 Meters down with plenty of fish around. The reef’s northeastern finish is the perfect spot to plunge many huge caverns, energizing shades, and deep canals along the terrific stone face. Undoubtedly, a lot to see at this specific dive site from the coral reef (reef-building corals) separator to the diverse range of fish and marine life in the province. You can see the Bannerfish (false Moorish idol) nearly 1,000 at a time; the Bannerfish (butterflyfish) is straight black and white stripes and have lengthy, dorsal fins.

Banana Reef - Maldives (2)
Fishes in the Deep Dive Site in Maldives

Grouper fish (Epinephelinae) can be originated in the caves with wrasse (Labridae, of marine fish) and the different kinds of fusilier (Caesionidae) that contain the blue dash and striped versions.

Some of the varieties of Fish found in this spot :

  • Black snapper fish (common name for a fish)
  • Sharks
  • Barracudas (large ray-finned fish)
  • Giant squirrelfish (Sargocentron spiniferum)
  • Oriental sweetlips
  • Soldierfish
  • Grub fish

Finally, the Banana Reef’s diving practice is an excellent experience for the people ever to forget. Truly astonishing lay to dive that provides lots of secret wealth for training as well as the beginners.