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Australia  country located in Oceania region has its initial settlers from Southeast Asia about 40000 years ago before European settlement. They are referred to be Indigenous peoples, Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. It gained territorial claims, after when Captain James COOK in 1770 takeover in the name of Great Britain. In late 18th and 19th centuries six colonies were created and they became federal and Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. The colonies are New South Wales, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

Australia Map
Map of Australia

For rapid growth in agricultural and manufacturing industrial, it used its natural resources beneficially. Country of Australia took a major part in World War I and II . Today, it has advanced market economy to compete internationally. During 1990s, it becomes one of the OECD’s fastest growing economies. The OECD (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) is an international organization provides for better lives for people by their better policies.


Continent surrounded with several small islands is the sixth largest country in the world having totally a 7692024 km2 of space with 59,681 km of coastal area. With Canberra as its capital, it also contains some popular and larger cities. They are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Gold Coast -Australia
Gold Coast -Australia


Australia with a highest population of 25,464,116 in 2019 . Over last 9 years since 2011 the population growth ranges from 1.49% to 1.67%. The median age is 37.4 years and 14% of its population was 65 age.The indigenous people took 2.4% in country’s total population. According to UN Data in 2019, the life expectancy at birth of female is 84.4 years and male is 80.3 years, population density is 3.3 people per square kilometer and the sex ratio is (99.2 males per 100 females).The net migration rate of country of Australia is 5.911 per 1000 population.


The 2016 census result shows that, 25.4% of the population claimed their ancestry to be Australian. The major faith for Australian is Christianity. It has diverse population among different religion. It has Christian population of 52.1%, Muslim 2.6%, Buddhism 2.4%, Hindus 1.9%, Sikhs 0.5%, Jews 0.4%, non-religious 30.1% and Other religion 0.4%.

Melbourne Capital of Australia
Melbourne at Night Scenic View


English language is commonly spoken in about 72.7% of its population. Auslan is the sign language of deaf peoples in Australia. Some other languages spoken are Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Vietnamese, Italian, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Australia is a mixed market economy which has both private and public sectors share sometimes referred as dual economy. It is a federal and Commonwealth Country, it played a vital role for getting the second largest economy in the world. It includes various industrial sectors for GDP growth. The major contribution of GDP growth was made by manufacturing industries. According to the World Bank report, the Gross Domestic Product of Australia in 2018 was $1.434 trillion. With HDI (Human Development Index) value of 0.938, Australia get the sixth place in worldwide.

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