Amer Fort Rajasthan – A Complete Travel Guide

A Quick Guide

Amer Fort is located in the Pink City of Jaipur, at a distance about eleven kilometers from the primary city. The glorious Amer Fort is an extensive royal residence complex sweated with light blond, pink stone and white granite. Amer was the capital of royal Jaipur state. Kachwaha Rajput Raja of Amer (Maharaja Man Singh I), who drove Akbar’s Military Mughal emperor (1556 to 1605), started its progress in 1592, the lasting parts of an 11th-century fortification. The post was announced a UNESCO World Heritage spot in the year 2013, a feature of a gathering of six hill fortifications in Rajasthan. Its engineering is a critical combination of Rajput and Mughal (Hindu-Islamic) styles.

Amer fort palace-style
Hindu-Islamic Style Architecture in Amer Fort Palace,Jaipur

Amer Fort Jaipur Tour 

The fortress is isolated into four principal areas that have their patios. It contains

  • The Diwan-e-Aam, or “hall of Public viewers”,
  • The Diwan-e-Khas, or “atrium of Private viewers”,
  • The Sheesh (Pavilion), or Jai Mandir (Hall of Victory),
  • The Sukh Niwas,

About the four hall

  1. Hall of Public Audience

Diwan-e-Aam or Hall of the public crowd is a vast antechamber that remains from the help of two lines of columns. Every column is ornamented. The passage is open on three sides. The lord used to sit in the lobby and tune in to the inquiries of everyday people. This corridor is well known for its mosaic glassworks. Rulers additionally used to meet prominent ministers and visitors in this lobby.

Amer fort Public
Spacious Public Hall at Amber Palace Fort

  2. Sukh Mandir

SukhNiwaas is a lobby made with sandalwood (baobab) and ivory (creamy). It is found the right inverse to the Entry of the public crowd. Even though the term ‘Mandir’ is used in the name, this isn’t a temple. It is where rulers and queen relax.

 3. Sheesh Mahal

Sheesh Mahal is the most excellent addition to the Palace. This palace has appeared in numerous movies. The dividers and the roofs in this royal residence are adorned with delightful blossoms and different artistic creations made with glass. A monarch of the fort used to cherish dozing under the stars. It is said that the old-fashioned custom of the land didn’t permit ladies to snooze outside. Ruler called upon the district’s best designers to tackle the issue, resulting in the designed mirror palace. If a couple of candles are lighted in the royal residence, it will look like a great many stars sparkling in the roof.

Amber Palace Pillars

4. Kesar Kyaari

Mughal Gardens have a wonder that can’t be counted by simple gardens that you see around the nation. It is situated on Maota Lake, and the nursery is located before the fort. The garden is framed in a star shape, and saffron (yellow) flowers were fixed in the garden. Presently, climatic conditions don’t permit the saffron plant to flourish in Jaipur. You can discover lovely blossoming plants in the garden now.

The Great Light Show :

The light show occurs each night—the play centers around Jaipur’s historical backdrop and the fortification. The show runs for about 50 minutes in both Hindi and English languages.

Light show at Amber Palace,Jaipur
Astonishing Light Show at Amer Fort Palace,Jaipur

Things to do in Amer Fort :

  • An elephant trip roughly around the fort is an joyful ride. The elephant trip shuts by evening. So, prepare accordingly.
  • You can also choose a four-wheel-drive visit ahead and toward the back, which fits in 1hr holding uptime. It costs around 300 INR.
  • Light show around evening time.
  • Visiting the enlightened fort from the base of the slope at night
  • Visit the exhibition hall and garden inside the fort.
  • You can see the entire city of Jaipur from the expansive vision of Char garden.
  • The traditional dance (Bharatanatyam) program takes place at night in Sukh Mahal. Tickets will be easy to get to in the access counteract.
  • Enjoy dinner at Surabhi café contained by the fort, which provides diverse foods.
  • Enjoy puppet shows and traditional tunes. These are accessible during the evening meal time.
  • Apart from Siladevi sanctuary (famous idol of Durga), you can discover many sanctuaries in the royal residence.


Who Built Amer fort Rajasthan ?

It is believed to be built by Native tribes Meenas of Rajasthan.

What is the Amer Fort Timings ?

10 AM – 5 PM

Amer fort architecture style is influenced by whom?

Mughal architecture influenced most buildings at the Amer fort.

Where is the Amer fort located?

It is located in Jaipur, State of Rajasthan.

Is Amer fort has a secret escape route?

Yes. It is connected with Jaigarh Fort, which is meant to be the secret passage for the king’s family members.