Al Tayebat International City Museum in Jeddah

A Must Visit Museum in Jeddah

Al Tayebat International city known for science and knowledge is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This museum was build at an area over 10,000 m2. This museum has four floors, 18 wings, and 300 rooms with 60,000 historical items to describe the culture and artifacts used by the people of ancient Saudi Arabia. These authentic items are from various parts of Middle Eastern Countries like Persia, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, and China.

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This museum contains pre-Islamic artifacts include Islamic manuscripts, old coins weapons, furniture, pottery, and traditional Saudi wears. The art and architecture of the museum are shows incredible talent and hardworking of the human mind—this museum built in the architectural style of old Jeddah in the traditional Hijazi style. High walls of this museum are constructed with lime-stones and coral-blocks to achieve a rigid structure. This place has been a Palace for Highness King Sheik Abdul Rauf Khalil. Visiting this museum with a proper guide will briefly explain about architecture and artifacts of the museum.

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This museum is open from 8 am-12noon in the morning and 5 pm-9 pm from Saturday to Thursday. The entrance ticket for the museum is SR 50 per person.