12 Things to do in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Interesting Facts

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is announced as a segregated nature held by the administration in the UAE. It occupies 225 Square Kilometers, and they preserve wide varied vegetation that generally develops in the region. It turns into a home to more than 50 Species of plants, 120 birds, and 43 mammals (vertebrate animals) and reptiles (tetrapod animals).Tourists can go around the gorgeous landscape and experience the region’s culture, nature, and times gone by many tours and travelers available in UAE. They will take you to the place, and you can enjoy with full safety. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is one of the must-visit places in Dubai. To visit this place, you need to book a guided visit with full circle transport from an affirmed administrator—both half-day and entire day visits are advertised. Preservation Reserve offers one of the UAE’s most incredible open doors to review local untamed life and encounter the interior desert’s experience prospects.

Activities at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

1. Camel Treks :

Sitting on top of one of these lovely creatures is an unbelievable experience you are improbable to forget as you are carried through the dunes on an established ‘ship of the desert’.

Camel treks
Camel Treks at Desert in Dubai

2. Falconry :

The speed and regular executing sense of every flying creature are delightfully shown, and there are astonishing open doors for close-up photos and investigations.

Flying creature are delightfully Shown.

3. Horse Riding :

Put your horse through some delicately run or trot through the desert scene, taking in the entire experience just as observing the locales with your guide’s assistance.

4. Archery :

In Ancient times, the archery is used hunting and combat. Take this is a golden opportunity to prepare to shoot the board with arrows; numerous guests will explore the game in sportive mode.

5. Dune Driving :

Transport yourself through the large ridges and desert territory in an extravagance four-wheel drive. Predefined courses ensure you are encompassed by unblemished desert scenes while moving to a Bedouin camp for a pleasant night.

Dune Driving
Dune Driving in the Desert

6. Dune Dinner :

Unwind on the harmonious low cushion in Bedu tents as you eat a variety of barbecued meats, new portions of mixed greens, flavorful Arabic desserts, and refreshments. An entrancing belly dancer, with a sky full of stars and glorious desert landscape complete the captivating night.

7. Wildlife Drives :

A delicate ride through the territory is an incredible method to locate the free-meandering natural life herds. Your guide will explain desert biology while watching out for intriguing greenery.

Wildlife Drives
Gazelle spotting while desert drive

8. Sand Boarding :

The complexity between the antiquated ‘Bedu’ way of life and one of the world’s most recent games makes this life-changing. Head to the hills, lash on your sandboard, and take a breathtaking race to the valley floor.

Sand Boarding
Young Adults Enjoying the Sanboarding Race

9. Private Desert Dinner :

A separated spot masterminded with floor coverings and pillow and lit by customary lights visualize you. Experience the feel of the desert as you appreciate the organization and relish a customized menu.

10. Camping :

The secretive desert fascinates you for a mysterious night or outdoors. Safari guides transport you by four-wheel-drive vehicles to your settlement where a conventional Arabian supper and supernatural night in a tent anticipate you.

Desert Camp
Delightful Desert Camp at Middle of the Desert

11. Night Safari :

A night spent in the desert is like a Miracle night. Experience the most of your drive through the desert, enjoy a delectable dinner, and applaud the ritzy sky.

12. Hot Air Ballooning :

Witness a world-first bird of prey (falcon) show from 3000ft noticeable all around as you fly with the world’s quickest creatures—Spot local Arabian animals like oryx, gazelles, and meandering camels in their unique living space.

Hot Air Ballooning
Hot Air Ballooning